MACTO | Conference


It’s a cliché that still holds true today - getting to know your colleagues is one of the prime reasons for attending the MACTO conference. Throughout the conference, attendees will have many opportunities to meet road and bridge professionals and their counterparts from other counties around the State, to exchange ideas and have some fun. From technical sessions to receptions to just walking down the hallway, you can meet and build professional contacts. Longtime MACTO attendees know it’s a great way to visit with friends, old and new.

If you are still not convinced, here are some additional reasons WHY YOU SHOULD GO:

  • Learn new ideas on how to improve your local transportation methods.
  • Share your ideas on transportation methods you’ve experienced.
  • Participate in a variety of workshops.
  • Explore some of the newest industry equipment.
  • Network with the best companies from your area.
  • Get updated on the newest rules & regulations.
  • Take new strategies back to your department.

2018 MACTO Conference - St. Charles, MO - October 15th-17th

For Hotel Reservations:

Attendees can either call the Embassy Suites reservations line (1-800-560-7782) or book online through the Embassy Suites website, using the group code ‘MAC’.  In addition, they have the following direct link to make reservations for our group:

NOTE: All vendors of any type shall have an exhibit booth in order to attend the conference. Vendors displaying large equipment should set up Monday between 12 - 5 pm, other vendors are welcome to set up at that time as well.

2018 Conference Schedule